Caesar J. B Squitti  
Born in Port Arthur, Canada,  a graduate of Lakehead University school of Business, his real interest was science specifically physics.

Mary Ann & Arthur Squitti

Our founders reflected an interest in the simplicity of common sense, in humility and the need to serve others. read more

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The lesson is based on the discovery of a dark side of truth.   Interesting enough the discovery made in Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada corrects the definition of three concepts, half-truths, lie, and truth.

The research tends to give credibility to the story of Adam and Eve.

The Differences

  • Truths
  • Parts-of-Truth
  • Colors of THE TRUTH

Thinking in color !

"The LIGHT;  The Rainbow of Truths - The Jesus Christ Code"


Discover the many new forms of half-truths, that can be a block to  the proper communication of ideas.

Teresa Squitti

She brings specialized experience inmany areas.